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Dirty Dozen Countdown

Every Friday at 7pm DC counts down the biggest hard rock and metal songs of the week, as heard on Rockcast Radio.  We don't follow anyone else's charts... we make the charts.  

Catch replays Sat 5am, Sat 10pm, Sun 10am, Mon 11pm, Tue 4am and Wed 6am (all times eastern)

Rock Discoveries

The focus here is on newer songs and bands that, maybe, you haven't heard yet, but should.  It's 60 minutes of music where you may just find your new favorite band! And every show is a different show.

Airing Sunday 5am, Tuesday 11pm, Thursday 5am and Saturday 9am. (All times Eastern)

Only The New Sh*t

60 minutes of rock and metal from the last 60 days only.  Yep, we only play the new sh*t on this show.  It's never the same show, so catch as many airings as you can if you love the new rock!

Airing Sunday 4am, Wednesday 6am and Saturday 6am (All Times Eastern)


Rock songs that have been taken and remixed into industrial, dubstep and EDM tracks.  One of our coolest shows that nobody else is doing.

Catch it Friday nights at 11pm.

Rock Witch Way

Each week, Leeza pulls a tarot card on social media, and ask you, the listener, to help her brew up a 2 hour show based on what the tarot cards say.  It's witchy fun with our very own Witch In The Pit.

Friday at 9pm with an encore airing Sunday at 12am (Eastern)

Five Finger Friday

Every Friday from 12am-7pm (Eastern), we kick off the hour with a song from Five Finger Death Punch.

Premiere Rock

On this show, DC plays 12 songs that Rockcast Radio has never played before... premiering them on air.  We ask that you vote on your favorite songs, and the ones that get the most votes, get added to our rotations... the rest?  Well....

New show every Friday at 8pm with replays Saturday at 11pm and Sunday at 7am (Eastern)

Girl Power Hour

During Leeza's show, Mosh Madness, on Wednesday at 6pm (Eastern), Leeza plays a full hour of songs from female fronted bands.

Hard, Heavy & Hair

2 hours of rock from the 80's, 90s', 2000's and beyond.  Hosted by Pariah Burke.  Hear the cover song of the week and a whole lot more. 

Wednesday at 4am and an encore presentation on Sunday at 10pm

Indie Rage Radio

It's a weekly radio show playing unsigned bands.  Each week they have a band on to talk with as well.

Saturday @ 12am with a replay Monday at 5am

Monster Rock

We play the biggest songs from the biggest bands on this hour long show.  You never know who's gonna be on, but you will probably know almost all of these monster rockers!

Sunday 8am, Thursday at 4am and Saturday at 7am (2 hour show). All times Eastern.

Unabashed Radio

A syndicated radio show hosted by Jeff Searcy playing hard rock and metal with a Christian message.  Perfect for Sunday morning at 9am with a reply Monday at 4am (Eastern).

Your On Air Hosts


Your host for Shark Attack Monday through Friday from 7am-11am Eastern.



Leeza hosts Mosh Madness weekdays on air from 3pm-8pm Monday through Thursday, and 3pm-7pm on Fridays.  She also hosts "Rock Witch Way", the "Girl Power Hour" and "Motionless Mondays".

​     ​

Mo Lightning

Mo hosts "Mo Ruins Your Day" Monday through Friday, 11am-3pm.  Rock your workday away or your day off... either way, Mo will take care of you.


Eric brings the noise every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-5pm.  Eric is a huge fan of MMA, and will talk about that on his weekend show.


DC is the ring leader for the station.  You can hear him on The Show with DC Saturday/Sunday from 5pm-10pm.  He also hosts the Dirty Dozen countdown and Premiere Rock.  On top of that he hosts the syndicated radio show Back To The Arena which also airs on Rockcast Radio.

  ​    ​

Ryan Eyestone

Ryan hosts the Midnight Hour overnights Monday through Friday from 12am-4am.  If you're a 3rd shifter, or, if you love staying up late... let Ryan rock you!


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